Welcome to my web site which is mostly taken up by my hobbies - photography, astronomy, bee keeping and brewing.  The site is now based on Adobe Muse. Hopefully this move will mean the site is more regularly updated... but that's never been the case in the past, so don't hold your breath.



I got my first camera from my father at the age of 10 - an old Kodak Retinette 1A - and I still have it.  This was followed by a Zenit, an Olympus and then onto Canon where stayed for a very long time.  I am now on Sony. I have been taking pictures for longer than I care to remember and have quite a few hidden away on slide, disk and other media.  I finally thought I’d put some up on the internet and share them, so please take a look at my albums. Of course we’re now firmly in the digital age but I still like to set my pictures up properly at the capture stage, much to the annoyance of my partner and others. Most of the post-processing I do is the creation of panoramas which I am addicted to.  You may notice a few of them on the site.



I live in rural west Worcestershire, so light pollution is not as major an issue for me as it is for some and I have excellent views of the whole sky.  Unlike many urban astronomers I regularly see the Milky Way and diffuse nebulae without having to resort to LP filters.  However, I seem to be more interested in building observatories and automating telescopes that actually using them!



I started keeping bees last year, and it has been a joy.  There is something very therapeutic about checking a bee hive and helping them to survive and thrive. Plus... I get honey, and that's got to be good.



What can one say?  There's nothing better than making your own beer.  The perfect hobby.  Make it, Drink it. Repeat as necessary...

All Photos are copyright J W Roger King or Penny J Hayward