There is a lot of skill involved in photographing people.  I fail miserably whenever I try it.  I’ve done a few weddings and other events, but when it comes to persuading people to pose...  So a long time ago I started concentrating on the inanimate.  Much easier to deal with, and fewer variables!  Thus I fell into landscapes of all kinds and what I call ‘details’. Mind you, hardly a day goes past without a comment from Penny about the fact that as far as my photograph collection is concerned, she may never have been on any of the trips that we’ve taken together!  So, just to spite her there is at least one picture on the photograph page whose main subject is a real person, and it is her.


When I looked through my first telescope at age 11 (well, actually it was the school telescope), I didn't know what to expect.  I realised that I'd be able to see a lot more detail on the moon, and that I could use it for projecting sun spots onto card, but I really had no idea what else I'd be able to see. It may only have been 37 or so years ago, but man had only just landed on the moon - astronomy was an academic subject with only 'The Sky At Night' and the occasional science programming covering it. Nebulae may not simply have been fuzzy patches in the sky, but they may as well have been. Not so today.  The media has opened up astronomy to such a degree that most people at least have some knowledge.  Hardly a week passes by without new pictures published by the HST or one of many missions. The universe is teeming with phenomena that even modest equipment can show in glorious detail provided we have a means of recording it. It's that and my photography that resulted in my interest in astrophotography.


I started keeping bees last year. I love it.  There is something very satisfying about helping them along and we definitely need more bees.  Their recent declines must be reversed or we have real problems.  Of course, there's also the bees wax and the honey.  I suspect that honey is like Marmite - you either love it or hate it - but for those of us who love it, this is a fantastic pastime.  Not only that, but honey can be used to make mead.  I tried this as part of my brewing hobby, and it's fantastic.  I will definitely be doing this again soon.


Finally, though not last by any means, we have brewing... There is something very satisfying in this hobby too. Beers of all kinds - Belgian Tripels, IPAs, bitters, porters and not forgetting mead.  I love making it, and love drinking it too.


All Photos are copyright J W Roger King or Penny J Hayward