My original Orion Optics 8 inch Newtonian reflector mounted outside on Orion mount, before any observatory was built

The same Orion Optics 8 inch Newtonian in my first observatory with Vixen mount

I upgraded the 8 inch model to a 12 inch mounted on a Losmandy Gemini mount.  Over time, the equipment increased to include a Clement focuser and a Robo-focus unit

The Losmandy Gemini on a hand made solid pier with all power provided

My Clement Focuser (  Has to be the best focuser around, bar none.  Not helical, Crayford or rack & pinion. It uses non-stiction flexure bearings of all things! Massive back focus and ROCK STEADY

I tried a Meade RCX400 for a while, but truthfully, my next scope will be a classical Newtonian again.  Simple to run, simple to maintain (as long as you can collimate a Newtonian...)

The Clement can mount on any of my scopes with little or no work, so it's always consistent

All Photos are copyright J W Roger King or Penny J Hayward