Site for the new observatory just next to the hop yard.  You might see the cubic hole dug for the concrete pier base. Looking East

The observatory base of 8” X 2” timber provides maximum strength and rigidity and is isolated from the main pier base

I had to ensure that at no point does the framework come into contact with the main pier base

The pier base hole, now lined with marine ply and ready for the concrete

This is 1 cubic metre of concrete.  Yes, 1m X 1m X 1m.  If this doesn’t damp vibrations and provide a solid base, nothing will...

The shiplap walls are lined with polythene sheeting, rock-wool and then plywood on the insides

The supports for the roll-off rails that will take the roof when the observatory is open

With the slide off rail supports and tracking, this is now ready for the roof

The internal floor is suspended and does not touch the concrete pier base at all. This minimises vibrations at the scope

These are the casters on which the roof runs - 11 on each side.  The rubber wheels run in an angle iron track on top of the walls

The finished article - Note how the roof acts as a light shield for the house and doesn’t block any southern aspect

A GIF animation of the finished observatory  - the roof slides back and forth

All Photos are copyright J W Roger King or Penny J Hayward